Yo, I’m a PTO President

Me, a PTO President?  Not in my wildest dreams.  Up until last April, I’d never even been to a PTO meeting.  Then in May, my friend and I were voted in as co-presidents.

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V. Kidding Victory

kidding victory

I know, I am embarrassingly behind on the A to Z challenge.  It all began to go south at U.  But I have a good excuse, really.  Things at the farm have been very, very exciting.  And this excitement has eaten up a lot of my time.

On Monday (U day) we had our first successful kidding at Five Maples Farm.  The kids and I are enamored with our new babies.   I say successful because kidding time the past two years has been a sad time for us.

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U. GMOs: The Ugly


If I could name one word that fully encompasses the ugliness of GMOs it would be:  Monsanto.  The Roundup debacle by this agricultural company has done as great a disservice to GMOs as Andrew Wakefield did to vaccines.

While GMO crops have the potential to combat food shortages, add nutrition to food, produce pharmaceuticals such as insulin, generate biofuels and produce vaccines, the first widely distributed GMO crop introduced herbicide resistance into plants.

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T. Thinking About Turkeys


I’ve had turkeys on my mind a lot lately.  About a week ago, I picked up our turkey poults from the post office.  After the success of last year, we decided to increase the number of turkeys we raise and got 15.

Domestic turkeys

We bought 10 bronze breasted bronze turkeys, which are the same kind we raised last year.  Broad breasted bronze turkeys were specifically bred to grow very large quickly.  We waited a little too long to process them last year – several of our toms were >40 pounds dressed!  Because of their size, bronze turkeys reproduce poorly.  In fact, hatcheries have to use artificial insemination to maintain the line.  Now that’s a dirty job!

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S. Saving With Solar

saving with solar

Just over a year ago we went solarSolarCity came and installed our system for free. Now that we have had panels for a year, I think it’s time for an update.  I compared our electric costs for the past two years (one year without solar, one year with), and amazingly, we have already saved at least $1200.

A good deal, right?

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